About Me

UI/UX Designer based in Barcelona, Spain

I specialise in product and design strategy. 

Who I am

I am a KPI-driven, digital-native UI/UX Designer, living and designing in Barcelona, Spain / Berlin, Germany and remotely.

My mission

Make the world a more user-friendly place through User Experience design, one product at a time. 

What I do

I partner with startups and small businesses to help them innovate faster and reach the best ROI through UX Design.  

Why work with me?

How do you know when a design is good or bad? Firstly, I always strive to deliver designs that are aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time serve the purpose of visually communicating the right message to your target audience. Design is all about solving problems with visual solutions.

Most noteworthy, my “6 D” design process can be attuned to your business needs and goals. Likewise, with a holistic approach, I take the time to understand your current situation, vision, obstacles and desired outcomes. Then I come up with a proposal and a solution, specifically tailored to your requirements and budget.

Furthermore I roll up my sleeves and get things done. Therefore, you’ll always get prompt answers either via e-mail, or on the phone / Skype / Slack. Also, if I am in a meeting, I return calls asap. I respect the set deadlines. 

Along the last 6 years I have worked with hundreds of clients from different verticals. I was either optimising the returns of their marketing campaigns across multiple traffic channels or designing for the best ROI. Hence, no matter if you are a start up, small biz or a big brand, you can always profit from my combined online marketeer & designer expertise. 

Finally, I’ve learnt constructive criticism is part of the creative process and I know how to give and receive it and make the most of each feedback. 

My story

First of all, I’ve switched careers to do what I love.

As a result, I specialise in visual design and product strategy. I deploy human- and user-centered design to create engaging, air-tight design solutions from start to finish. Above all, my goal is to give my clients an edge in their marketplace.

In a past life, I worked as a problem-solver and Sr. Client Success Manager for two digital advertising agencies in Berlin, Germany. This previous experience helps me translate client wishes into cutting-edge design solutions that bring returns.

In addition, I’m remotely tutoring UI Design students @CareerFoundry. And I am available for both freelance and contract work in the area (Berlin & Barcelona) or remote.

Also, if you want to know even more about what I work on currently, connect with me on InstagramTwitter, Dribbble, or Behance.

My selected tools


My 6-D design process

from idea to reality



  • First of all, client and designer agree on design problem formulation and confirm any technical or functionality parameters via Skype / in person
  • Competitive landscape investigation 
  • Market research 
  • In addition, target audience deep dive 



  • Secondly, synthesis & analysis of the research and information gathered
  • Define the scope of the desired solution 
  • Development of preliminary plans and design concepts based on client-approved strategy



  • Shaping of preliminary design, often with placeholders for copy / imagery / motion
  • Ideations, for instance, in the form of: roughs / sketches, storyboards, flowcharts, mood / theme boards, information architecture content maps, and/or low-fidelity wireframes (where appropriate)



  • Client provided insights – for example if the design direction will meet the project’s stated goals & objectives
  • Further refinement of the preliminary design
  • Replacing placeholders with real copy & visuals
  • After that, a prototype creation 



  • User testing with several iterations, as needed
  • Consequently, user tests findings may lead to another round of refinements
  • As a result, creation of high-fidelity designs / mock-ups & final client feedback & as a result – design approval



Finally, I conduct a last overall design check and hand-over of final approved screens to the development team.

Would you like to start a project with me?

Do you have a project in mind? Or do you have any open questions? Was there anything you didn't find on my website? Let's talk it through. I offer a free 30 minute initial consultation.